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You can disable EGR DPF VSA OFFm EGR SRC VSA OFF etc


We have been offering our service for more that 10 years. Our team consists of experienced specialists, who can professionally tune the electronic control unit (ECU) firmware of your car.

How to use?

Dpffiles.com is a huge advancement in Chip-tuning world, now you can follow any responses to one-click download file.It is necessary to fill in the details select Car, Model, Ecu ect. The site displays the found option and allow to process automatically and you will get the result instantly result. Just the whole history of orders stored in your account.Constant updates with new blocks and solutions! Ongoing work 24 hours service work! This is the perfect toolfor the modern service center, we are constantly working with our customers and work to improve service!

Site features

The speedometer sign near the option means the file can be processed automatically and you will get the result instantly. If you do not want the automatic processing, uncheck the Automatic tuning check button. When you finished customizing your order, the price will be in bottom left corner of the page. Click Order button to finish your order.